Young Activist Flees Gambia after Posting Video of Police Assault

Young Activist Flees Gambia after Posting Video of Police Assault

By Stanley Azuakola,

An activist Aminata Manneh (also known as Minah Manneh), who champions women and children’s rights is reportedly out of the country after she went missing for 48 hours.

Manneh’s disappearance occurred after she posted a video on her Facebook page, of a policeman beating a young girl with a stick which went viral last week.

The activist took wrote a Facebook post saying she is safely out of Gambia, following an outcry on social media calling for her release when she went missing on March 20.

It breaks my heart and rather unfortunate that I had to abruptly flee my country that I grew to love so much love, and and will continue to love for the rest of my life, due to an eminent threat I received on my life and personal safety for simply posting a video of a police officer beating a young girl with a stick. (Minah Manneh Facebook).

Manneh reportedly got a phone call last week from a member of the Gambia Armed Forces, who said that she was wanted for questioning. She alerted some of her friends after, but went missing for 48 starting March 20. The university student did not say which country she fled to.

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This article was first published by the African Identity on 23rd March 2015

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