UNESCO’s IPDC Gives Go Ahead for Internet Universality Indicators

UNESCO’s IPDC Gives Go Ahead for Internet Universality Indicators

“The project to develop Internet Universality Indicators is at the very heart of UNESCO’s mandate. It is one of the best examples of UNESCO supporting its Member States in addressing digital gaps and contributing to sustainable development” commented the Representative of Sweden, one of the donors of the project, at the 31st Session of IPDC (International Program for Development of Communication) council.

“A UNESCO analysis of above 50 existing instruments of Internet principles showed that none of them fully meet UNESCO’s interests and mandate. This is why UNESCO Member States adopted their own Internet Universality concept. Now, with the development of indicators to operationalize the concept, this is a unique contribution by UNESCO to global Internet governance and achieving SDGs” highlighted Guy Berger, UNESCO Director for Freedom of Expression and Media Development.

David Souter, the leading consultant who synthesized feedback from numerous consultations around the indicators as well as pre-testing and piloting processes in the past 18 months. He presented the major outcome of 303 indicators which include a number of core indicators.

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