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Humiliated and Shamed: Fate of Survivors of Nonconsensual Sharing of Intimate Images in Uganda (Part I)

By the African Feminism |

“When the photos finally came out, I thought, this is done. Life can now go on,” says Martha Kagimba Kemigisha, reflecting on the day her intimate photos were posted online.

For the radio presenter and comedian, popularly known as Martha Kay, posting the photos online marked the end of a long and torturous ordeal.

It all started when her…

Call for Anti-Online Bullying Law

By Sakeus Iikela |

The ideal legislation should clearly define the rules of engagement as well as what constitutes online violence and how internet users can report and take action against perpetrators.

These were the views of some participants at the discussion on politics organised by the Internet Society of Namibia in Windhoek yesterday.

Martha Chilongoshi who spoke at the event on behalf…