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Chad restores internet access after shutdown

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Internet access has been restored in Chad after the government ordered a shutdown in response to national protest action backed by trade unions and civil society organisations using social media. The organisation Internet Without Borders said shutting down the internet has become a classic security tactic adopted by the Chadian government.

“By cutting internet access, the Chadian government is violating human rights and…

Online Abuse Stifles Women Journalists Around The Globe

In the third post of the online violence against women series, Dr Michelle Ferrier – founder of Trollbusters – explains the consequences of online abuse for women journalists and how the absence of redress has changed the way they approach their work.

For many journalists, critiques and insults are a badge of honor. A few slings and arrows are considered part…

Using FIFAfrica17 Conversations To Drive Change

By Martha Chilongoshi |

The Africa I want is one that embraces diversity, promotes freedom of expression, values the right to information and prioritizes the elimination of all forms of discrimination on the basis of gender.

For my ideal Africa to be realized, actions, initiatives and conversations that challenge the status quo and disrupt structural systems which hinder development are very vital…

Internet shutdowns take centre stage at #InternetFreedomAfrica forum

By Shitemi Khamadi |

When figures are put forth, bringing the arguments of something to the table, the conversation changes. One starts to look at the loss accrued from their actions or inactions and make an informed decision. In the same vein, when people come together to fight for a course, a just course, the likelihood of succeeding is higher.

This was…

Examining approaches to internet regulation in Ethiopia

By Halefom H. Abraha|

This article examines the current internet content regulatory regime in Ethiopia from the perspectives of the extensively discussed and broadly accepted regulatory models namely statutory regulation, self-regulation, and co-regulation.It argues that although statutory regulation has been a potentially useful tool of regulation in Ethiopia, self-regulation and co-regulation models appear to be neither practiced nor feasible in the…

FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Nigerian Military Begins Monitoring of Nigerians Social Media Activities


The Nigerian Army says that it is monitoring the activities of Nigerians on the social media for hate speech, anti-government and anti-security information.

According to the information released by Director of Defence Information, Major-General John Enenche to Channels Television, the became necessary in the light of troubling activities and misinformation capable of jeopardizing the unity of the country.

His comments come less…

Congo Orders Internet Slowdown to Restrict Social Media

KINSHASA (Reuters) – Congolese authorities ordered internet capacity be slowed down so that it cannot be used to transmit images via social media, a senior telecoms official based in Kinshasa said.
The move comes as opposition is growing to President Joseph Kabila, who refused to step down when his mandate expires in December, with nationwide strikes planned for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Kenya tightens social media regulations ahead of elections

Ahead of the August 8 elections, the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) and The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) have published guidelines aimed at restricting the use of social media for political messages. This includes sharing incendiary, content via Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.
According to commission chair Francis Kaparo, the guidelines seek to prevent the transmission of undesirable political content using text…

Ethiopia Shut Down the Country’s Internet to Beat Exam Cheats

By Abdi Latit Dahir|

Ethiopia shut down the internet on Tuesday (May 30) ahead of a scheduled national examination that was due to take place in the country on Wednesday.

Social media users noted that the internet service was interrupted from around 7 pm on Tuesday—reportedly to prevent exam leaks. About 1.2 million students are taking the grade 10 national exams, with…

Supercharging Human Rights Defenders // East Africa

By Small Media |

Building off the success of our 2016 report ‘Supercharging Human Rights Advocates in the Levant’, the Small Media team is excited to announce our latest project in a whole new region. Making use of the practices we’ve developed in our work across the Middle East, Small Media is setting out to survey the cybersecurity landscape in East…