In Rwanda, Voice Technology Innovation Helps Fight COVID

By Mozilla |
Rwandans have a new tool in the fight against COVID: Mbaza, a chatbot that provides timely and accurate information about the pandemic in the Kinyarwanda, French, and English languages.
Mbaza is based out of the Rwanda Biomedical Center, and is a collaboration between Mozilla Common Voice, the Rwandan start-up Digital Umuganda, the Government of Rwanda, and the German Development Cooperation, or “Deutsche…

Rwanda, Mauritius Top Africa in 2017 Global Cyber Security Index

Rwanda is one of the African countries that are most committed to cyber security, a new report has shown.

The second edition of Global Cybersecurity Index, that was released by the International Telecommunications Union, a UN agency, on Wednesday, ranked Rwanda second in Africa after Mauritius.

The survey measures the commitment of countries to cyber security based on five pillars namely: legal,…