Online Harassment

Humiliated and Shamed: Fate of Survivors of Nonconsensual Sharing of Intimate Images in Uganda (Part I)

By the African Feminism |

“When the photos finally came out, I thought, this is done. Life can now go on,” says Martha Kagimba Kemigisha, reflecting on the day her intimate photos were posted online.

For the radio presenter and comedian, popularly known as Martha Kay, posting the photos online marked the end of a long and torturous ordeal.

It all started when her…

How Leaking of My Contact Data Triggered an Avalanche of Online Abuse

By the African Feminism |

It was some time in 2018 during my final year at university. I had just been selected as the first female Entertainment Director of the Catholic University of Malawi. A new academic year had just begun, and the annual ritual of a typical show to welcome the first-year students was on, under my responsibilities.

I was in charge…