Online Crime

Countering Nonconsensual Sharing of Intimate Images: How far do Uganda’s Laws Go?

By the African Feminism |

In 2014, when Uganda introduced a law against pornography, few anticipated that it would largely be used to target and prosecute women, and specifically women whose intimate photos have been shared online without their consent. The Anti-Pornography Act, whose enforcement is spearheaded by a 9-member Pornography Control Committee is mandated to “apprehend and prosecute perpetrators of pornography, collect and destroy…

Accessing Justice for Image-Based Sexual Abuse A Challenge For Victims in Malawi

By the African Mechanism |

In 2015, I ran an online poll asking 100 Malawians if they considered the non-consensual distribution of intimate images, or ‘revenge porn’ (as it is known colloquially) a form of sexual violence. The response was a resounding YES. Here are some of the responses that were received: when asked whether it is acceptable to publish nude/intimate images…