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Is the future of the internet in Africa fractured?

By Daniel Mwesigwa |

At its founding, in the late 80s, the internet promised to democratize information, level uneven grounds, and the destroy barriers associated with distance, space, and time. Through promoting communication, coordination, integration at a pace and scale beyond the ability of any government to halt, the connectivity set a foundation for dichotomies so often aligned with colonialism, imperialism,…

Minister Calls for News Content in Local Languages to Promote Access to Information– Zambia

By Brenda Bukowa|

With 68 percent of Zambians living in poverty and literacy levels standing at 55.3 percent with more pronouncement in females than males, publication of newspapers and magazines in various local languages can be key to information dissemination to the general public.

This can further increase public understanding of national issues and in turn strengthen the practice of freedom of…