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Gagging Free Speech by Computer Misuse Act, Films and Stage Plays Act – Part 1

By Mugambi Kiai, Gakii Winfred and Sigi W |

Authorities are deploying tyrannical practices to stifle public commentary on social and political issues, with wanton impunity. This is a frontal and brutal assault on the Constitution and an egregious violation of the social contract between the state and citizens.
“If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of…

MTN hits back at Cameroon privacy accusations

By Chris Donkin |

MTN Cameroon was forced to defend itself after a report suggested messages it sent to subscribers “violate customer privacy” and were intended to “curtail customer rights”.

The allegations, reported by Cameroon Concord, relate to complaints customers received unsolicited messages relating to internet usage. In a statement MTN Cameroon CEO Philisiwe Sibiya said the suggestion there had been a privacy violation or a limit on customer…