Forum on Internet Freedoms in Africa 2016. My testimony

By Blaise Ndola|

Through presentations and interventions at the Forum on Internet Freedom in Africa 2016 (FIFAfrica16),I learned about different ways Africans countries are stifling citizens’ digital rights. But the most important at this level is that through these presentations and experiences shared, I realized that the battle for Internet freedoms is as important as ever because internet shutdowns, abuses of…

Africa’s Internet of Things: Challenges and Opportunities

By Dorothy Mudavanhu|

The Forum on Internet Freedom in Africa 2016 served as an opportunity to gather insights from different stakeholders in the information society ecosystem towards promoting a free and safe internet. The platform was used to assemble the different perspectives and thoughts on the path that Internet Freedom should take in Africa. The Forum also gave stakeholders the opportunity to…

Africa At Internet Freedom And Citizen Rights Cross Roads

By Thomas Sithole (@thomysithole)|

The Forum on Internet Freedom in Africa 2016 (FIFAfrica16) was my first time to attend and participate in a continental event on internet freedom. I have previously attended a number of workshops and conferences on internet freedom in my home country Zimbabwe.

Whereas these national level dialogues were useful in terms of making me appreciate the challenges we…

Forum on Internet Freedom in Africa 2016 Panelists

We have an exciting line up of panelists from over 46 organisations from across Africa and beyond! See who they are, where they are from and what they do. Be sure to connect with them too and join the conversation on #InternetFreedom in Africa using the #FIFAfrica16 hashtag. Follow @cipesaug for updates.

For more information on the Forum panelists, click here…

Gabon is the Latest African Country to shut down Its Internet as Election Protests Grow

By Abdi Latif Dahir|

The government of Gabon shut down the internet on Wednesday (Aug. 31) following the announcement president Ali Bongo was re-elected by a slim margin for a second seven-year term in office. The move showcased the tensions already gripping the country, with the capital Libreville experiencing a night of violent clashes, looting and arrests, while the main opposition…

Mali is the Latest African Country to Impose a Social Media Blackout

By Lily Kuo|

It hasn’t been a good week for internet freedom in Africa, with three countries imposing social media blackouts, according to the campaign Keep it On.

Internet users in Bamako, Mali reported not being able to use Facebook and Twitter after protests against the detention of a popular radio host on Wednesday (Aug. 17) turned violent, resulting in three deaths.

Here’s Zimbabwe’s Draft Computer Crime and Cybercrime Bill

By Nigel Gambanga  (@nigelrtg) |

Legislation in Zimbabwe, whether in its preliminary form or as the passed law hardly gets everyone’s attention, but in the past few days, there has been a lot of focus on the draft Computer crime and Cybercrime Bill.

Though it hasn’t been passed as law yet, it has drawn a lot of criticism because of its focus on areas like…

Ethiopia: Internet Shutdown Amidst Recent Protests?

By Moses Karanja, Arturo Filasto and Maria Xynou |

Nearly 100 deaths and thousands of arrests have been reported in Ethiopia over the last days, as part of protests against the marginalization and persecution of the Oromos and Amharas, Ethiopia’s two largest ethnic groups. But the attacks and arrests may not have been the only forms of retribution carried out by…

Analysis of the Relationship Between Online Information Controls and Elections in Zambia

By Arthur Gwagwa |

The defining era in Zambia’s current rise in online political and civic activism can be traced back to the period between 2011 and 2013. This is when the late President Sata embraced social media as part of his political and public diplomacy strategy.  As the country now prepares for the August 2016 General Elections, government, its agencies, such…