Rwomushana Faces Hate-Speech Charges

Rwomushana Faces Hate-Speech Charges

By Andrew Bagala,

KAMPALA- Police yesterday indicated that they are investigating Mr Charles Rwomushana, a former intelligence operative with the Internal Security Organisation, for publishing hate-speeches on his social media platforms.


Deputy police spokesperson Polly Namaye said the Force was obtaining statements from Mr Rwomushana on all speeches found on his social media platform that promote hatred.

“Hate speech is a crime. But he has been posting such comments on social media and other platforms. Police will hold him until he records all statements on these hate-speeches,” Ms Namaye said yesterday.

Mr Rwomushana was arrested last Friday by police on separate charges of circulating a photograph with features of a dead man resembling the missing Christopher Aine, the head of Mr Amama Mbabazi’s security team.

Police have not disclosed details of hateful statements he made. But officers following the case said Mr Rwomushana has been inciting hatred against members of one tribe in western Uganda.

Police are examining Mr Rwomushana’s posts on Rwenzori attacks purportedly targeting Basongora, and the recent clashes between supporters of National Resistance Movement presidential candidate Yoweri Museveni, and Independent candidate Amama Mbabazi, in Ntungamo District.

Police often charge suspects they accuse of hate-speech with promoting sectarianism under Section 41 of the Penal Code Act. However, the conviction rate in Ugandan courts is near to zero.

Since Friday, Mr Rwomushana’s lawyers and relatives have been tracing his whereabouts in vain.

Ms Namaye said Mr Rwomushana is detained at the Special Investigations Division at Kireka, Wakiso District. “His lawyers visited Mr Rwomushana at Kireka, but they came at a wrong time. When they were told that they couldn’t see the suspect, they just walked away and then started making allegations that his whereabouts were unknown,” she said.

By press time, Mr Rwomushana’s lawyers and friends had not been allowed to talk to him.

This article was first published by Daily Monitor Uganda on 12th January 2016.

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