Meet the Latest Grantees of the Africa Digital Rights Fund (ADRF)

Meet the Latest Grantees of the Africa Digital Rights Fund (ADRF)

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Round seven of the Africa Digital Rights Fund (ADRF) awarded grants to seven organisations to implement initiatives focused on digital inclusion, women’s safety online, cyber security and digital resilience. In Tanzania, Omuka Hub is working to raise the online visibility of women politicians and push for reforms related to online violence against women in the context of the Political Parties Act and Election Act. Still on women’s safety online, building on the success of its portal, South Africa based Alt Advisory is working to increase the availability of resources in the form of fact sheets on the harm, including legal and political nuances; landmark judgments and law reform processes; and support for survivors. 

Under the themes of cybercrime, data protection and privacy and hate speech, the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR)’s ADRF initiative aims to document (through primers and podcasts) and spark discourse around narratives related to national security, social media regulation and content moderation, and multi-stakeholder participation in Namibia’s cyber security law and policy making processes.

Towards strengthening the digital resilience of human rights defenders, activists, and journalists in Malawi, the Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) will conduct knowledge and skills building exercises in digital security, develop reference materials and resources and convene stakeholder meetings on the Data Protection Bill. 

In Kenya, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, ADRF-supported projects on advancing learning and best practice in digital accessibility for persons with disabilities based on CIPESA’s Disability and ICT Accessibility Framework Indicators are underway by the Mozambican Forum of Disabled Persons’ Organizations (FAMOD), Signs of Hope Trust and the Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet), respectively. 

Round seven brings to USD 700,000, the total amount of funding disbursed under the ADRF since it started in 2019. Information about past grantees can be found here.

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