Let Us Bring People to The Centre of The Digital Future

Let Us Bring People to The Centre of The Digital Future

Joint Call to G20 Leaders |

G20 countries have both the opportunity and the responsibility to lead efforts to reinstate trust in the digital age. G20 members can inspire hope and embrace the goal that no country, no community, and no individual will be left behind and that their rights will be respected. G20 countries can set a digital agenda that places people at the centre.

The Internet is estimated to contribute nearly $7 trillion USD every year to the G20 economies. By 2020, it is estimated that more than 1 billion users will be added in the G20 countries alone and there will be an estimated 30-50 billion additional connected devices across the world.

Today, G20 economies are digital, interconnected, and interdependent, however, coordinated policy commitments have not kept the pace with this reality. For the digital society to be open, safe, and empowering for everyone, policies for the digital age must be trusted and trustworthy – putting the interests of people and their rights first. Governments should intensify efforts to assure that the Internet is not fragmented and that people and their rights are at its centre.

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