Internet Freedom Violations in Ethiopia

Deafening Silence from Ethiopia

By Felix Horne!
The Ethiopian government is cracking down on journalists and NGOs. Where’s the outrage from the international community?
Since November, state security forces have killed hundreds of protesters and arrested thousands in Oromia, Ethiopia’s largest region. It’s the biggest political crisis to hit the country since the 2005 election but has barely registered internationally. And with the protests now in…

Ethiopia Detains Bloggers and Journalist

Security forces arrest six bloggers and a journalist in latest crackdown on opposition voices.
The Ethiopian government has arrested six independent bloggers and a journalist in what human rights group Amnesty International has called a “suffocating grip on freedom of expression”.

Six members of independent blogger and activist group ‘Zone 9’ and a prominent Ethiopian journalist were arrested on Friday in the…

American Sues Ethiopian Government

American Sues Ethiopian Government for Spyware Infection

Months of Electronic Espionage Put American Citizen and Family at Risk

Washington, D.C. – An American citizen living in Maryland sued the Ethiopian government today for infecting his computer with secret spyware, wiretapping his private Skype calls, and monitoring his entire family’s every use of the computer for a period of months. The Electronic Frontier…

Ethiopia Files Charges Against a Group of Bloggers

Ethiopia Files Charges Against a Group of Bloggers, Journalists Detained Over the Weekend
• Charges were brought against a group of bloggers writing for Zone9 and three journalists detained by security forces on Friday April 25th and Saturday April 26th.

Friends of the detainees were told this morning at the Ma’ekelawi, the central investigation office where the detainees were are kept since…

VOA says Ethiopia blocks website as US row escalates

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – U.S. funded-broadcaster Voice of America said on Monday that Ethiopia may have blocked its website in a move which may lead to further U.S. criticism of its closest ally in the Horn of Africa.

Ethiopia holds national elections on May 23 and international press freedom advocacy groups say the government is intimidating and harassing journalists ahead of…

Jailed bloggers spark Ethiopia trend

Just when US Secretary of State John Kerry visits Ethiopia, six of the nation’s leading bloggers have been arrested.

On Friday afternoon at 17:00 Addis Ababa time, the mobile phones and inboxes of nine Ethiopian bloggers began to beep and vibrate with frantic messages. One of the members of social media activist group Zone 9 had been arrested – and others…

Research by Freedom House

In addition, tests conducted by Freedom House found that by April 2013, 70 websites related to news and opinion, 16 websites belonging to different Ethiopian political parties, 40 blogs, seven multimedia websites, and 40 Facebook pages were not accessible in Ethiopia. According to Freedom House’s State of the Net 2013 report, Ethiopia’s centralised backbone made internet access highly vulnerable to…

The OpenNet Initiative (ONI)

In September 2012, the OpenNet Initiative (ONI), conducted technical tests of internet filtering which found that Ethiopia continued to block online political and news content, including the blogs and websites of a number of recently convicted journalists and bloggers.Tests conducted between 2008 and 2010 had also found extensive evidence of filtering of political content. In the 2012 tests, it was…